December 2, 2012

Birthday Baby and...Snowflake Has Landed!

Happy birthday to my favorite little girl in the whole world! I am in denial that my baby turns five years old today.

Princess A, five years ago today

Princess A's pony-themed party was yesterday, and judging by the raucous tea party that was taking place in her bedroom with her biffles, I'd say it was a success! I have determined, however, that while I can do many things, piping frosting is most definitely not one of them. On Friday evening (after having been awake since before 5:00 that morning!), I attempted to make chocolate cupcakes with homemade buttercream frosting. They were so not cute. Finally, on Saturday morning, after eyeballing my disasterous cupcakes for the last 12 hours, I decided that I couldn't, in good conscience, serve them to Princess A's guests. So...we ended up going here and ordering a dozen and a half delicious cupcakes. They were worth every dime. All of the kids seemed to have a great time, and everybody (including KShaf and me!) slept very soundly last night.

Meanwhile, look who has arrived! When the kids got up from (a much needed!) nap, this new little friend was waiting for them under the Christmas tree. Princess A was hilarious; it took her a good ten minutes to realize he was there, and once she did, she asked me a million times where he came from. I made her wait until Deedle was up to read the story that came with the elf. They agreed to name him Snowflake (I gently vetoed "Snowgirl," "Snugga Mugga," and "God"). I just overheard Princess A say to her little brother, "Deedle, you have to be good all the time. Snowflake is watching!" I think Snowflake is my new best friend.

Princess A and her new friend, Snowflake


  1. Aw! L and H are barely talking to me for having to miss A's party. I hope we can go to the movies this weekend. (Depending on L's level of pneumonia. Oy.)

    Snowflake is adorable! Tomorrow is St. Nick's Day. Does he have any Shafer Shenanigans to do?

  2. I know the G-bear had a blast. She stayed awake long enough to see Lights on the Bay on the way home and them conked out hard. And everything looked great, and I'm sure the cupcakes were not nearly as bad as you thought they were. The ones you got WERE awfully tasty, though. I can't believe my niece is 5, either.