November 11, 2013

Veterans Day

I am a huge blogging slacker. I could give you a million excuses for why I've been such a no-show lately, but you get it: we're all busy.

On Wednesday, our first quarter report cards went home with students. I was ridiculously excited to get my own kiddos' progress reports. (Warning: shameless bragging ahead.) Princess A rocked hers: she was "secure" in all of the Kindergarten skills except one. My heart swelled when her teacher told me that besides being a good student, she is a fantastic role model and friend to her classmates. Deedle did great, too (although, apparently, he is still working on following the class rules and surprise there). He is struggling with his pencil grip, but the Pre-K teacher at my school gave me an awesome grip to use with him, and it seems to be working. He's such a hard little worker: I know he'll figure it out in no time, especially if we keep practicing at home.

I had this past Friday off because of Waterfowl Festival. You know you live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland when an entire long weekend is devoted to the appreciation of ducks and geese. But believe me, I'm OK with it. KShaf and I took in some of the sites (and food!) with the kiddos. We even managed to visit the historical gardens where we got married eight years ago!

Our wedding day. (Dear God, we were young!)

Our kiddos, eight years later, standing in the same entryway. Pretty cool!

I spent the rest of the weekend, shopping and cleaning. I don't think I even thought about work until 2:00 yesterday afternoon!

Today, I managed to work in a mini-lesson about Veterans Day. I used A Cupcake for the Teacher's adorable Veterans Day freebie, and my students' writing turned out so nicely, I decided on a whim to mail them A Million Thanks!

One of my little ones, working on his letter to a military hero.

"Dear Hero, You have made our country a better place. Thank you for fighting in the war. Love, Kathryn."

"Dear Hero, Thank you for saving our life. Thank you for fighting in the war. Sincerely, Hayley."

If you'd like to grab the Notebook file that I created for this lesson, click here.

Now, I'm off to drink my nightly cup of chamomile tea while I read in bed. I heart "me time." Happy Monday!