March 3, 2016

Staff Shout Outs

Every teacher knows that awful slump between Thanksgiving and Christmas. You know you only have a few short weeks until Winter Break, but the days seem endless, your students are pumped up about the holidays, and you have gobs of paperwork to get finished. The mood in the teacher's lounge is just awful. Everyone is stressed out, tired, and grumpy. It's so easy to get caught up in the negative vibe that you find yourself complaining, whining, and griping along with your colleagues.

So, I did what any other teacher would do: I jumped on Pinterest for inspiration, and I found some great ideas to help improve staff morale.

I loved this adorable Shout-Out bulletin board from Vickie over at Primary Press!

Teach, Create, Motivate had these cute shout-outs on her blog!

I asked my administrators if I could put up a staff shout-out board in our lounge, and they enthusiastically told me yes! So, I created my own little pack that I hope you can use, too. Just click on the pics below to grab them.
Somehow, I managed to lop off the bottom of the board in this picture. Oops!

It may seem like a small thing, but a little positive thinking goes a long way!

Hope you enjoy what's left of your week!