December 21, 2012

Living the Good Life

We arrived in PA safely this morning, despite the dire weather report. We stopped last night around 8:00 at a Hampton Inn (in the midst of torrential rain), and the kids couldn't have been happier to take a break from the road. They took a nice, hot bath and snuggled up into warm, smushy beds. Doesn't Deedle look comfy?

We were back on the road early this morning, and even with a detour to the Apple store in Pittsburgh (I forgot my laptop charger...major trauma!), we made it to KShaf's family's house before lunch. It's a good thing we arrived when we did because it has been snowing steadily for the past eight hours!

Both kids ate huge dinners tonight (you can't beat Aunt A's hamburger patties in gravy, mashed potatoes, pickle-and-olive tidbit tray, and Jell-O salad), and they're now tucked into bed for the night. I smuggled Snowflake into my suitcase before we left yesterday, and now, he's resting against Aunt A's Christmas tree. Princess A is going to flip when she sees him in the morning; as she was falling asleep tonight, she asked, "Mommy? Do you think Snowflake knows how to find us here?"

On a work-related note, I posted a Gingerbread Man lesson and activities to my TPT store. Check it out!

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