February 17, 2014

Craziest Winter Ever

So, I'm a lifelong Marylander. I grew up in Baltimore City, and I moved the Eastern Shore to attend college (yeah, WAC!) when I was eighteen. In all of my thirty-five years as a Maryland native, though, I can't remember a winter as nutty as this one. Don't get me wrong: we've had our share of random blizzards and freak March snow. This winter has been different. Since the first of the year, we've had six snow days and more delayed openings than I can count. In fact, school was closed last Thursday and Friday, so we missed our Valentine's Day party. Thankfully, our principal is allowing us to have our celebrations tomorrow at the end of the day...that's if it doesn't snow again tonight.


I'm grateful for the extra few days. It gave me the opportunity to get a lot of things done that I wouldn't have gotten to otherwise. For example, I actually got around to making Valentines for my students (with the help of my trusty assistants, Princess A and Deedle, of course).

Target had these super cute crayon sets on sale for $0.48! So, I grabbed enough for all of my boys.

Don't worry! I didn't forget my girls! Again, on sale for $0.72!

My tireless helper, putting crayons and Hershey's Kisses into snack-size Ziploc bags.

No, he didn't dress up for the occasion. It's a sweater with the tie knitted into it.

I found these adorable tags here. Cute, free, and they print six to a page, so they conserve ink.

The finished products!

I think they turned out really nicely! I know my kiddos will love and appreciate them...they are a very grateful group!

Well, I'm off to check the weather and catch up on my Bravo TV shows. 

P.S. There you go, Mom...I finally updated my blog!