December 15, 2012

Cookie Party and Rememberance

Princess A, Deedle, Femster, SpurDog, SpurDog's lil' sis, and our good friend, Miss S, all got together last night at Femster's house to make sugar cookies. We had the lovely idea to give the cookies as gifts, but baking with small children never goes according to plan. The kids had a blast, rolling out and cutting out the cookies. By the end of the evening, they were wired (although I think Femster's dog, Charlie, was just as hyper as the kids), and they came home and crashed. I am so grateful to Femster and Spur Dog for being so good to my kidlets; I know they can be a handful (especially on a Friday evening at the end of a long week), but Femster and SpurDog always treat them with so much kindness and patience, and as a result, my kids absolutely adore them.
You can tell how fast Deedle was rolling the dough...
his hands are a blur in this pic!
 SpurDog and Deedle rolling out sugar cookies
Princess A took her responsibilities very seriously!
Check out the flour all over her face!
I copied the following graphic from First Grade and Fabulous. I hope she doesn't mind, but it really sums up how I think everyone (particularly teachers of young children) are feeling right now. I've been giving my own children extra hugs and kisses these past 24 hours...I'm just so grateful for them.

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  1. I've been hugging mine a little more tightly, too. They don't know why and don't need to, but I do.

    Glad the kidlets had fun. Miss A looks right at home covered in flour. :-)