November 29, 2012

Finally...A Meal That Everyone Can Enjoy!

My family and I like to eat. A lot. We especially enjoy eating out. But, with the holidays approaching, I made up my mind that we need to eat at home more. So, I put extra effort into my meal planning and grocery list this past weekend, and I was really excited to cook some new meals, using recipes from Iowa Girl Eats. Some have gone over well with the fam, and others? Not so much. Tonight, though, I made Spaghetti and Meatball Soup. In case you can't tell from the picture below, it was a hit! I paired it with fresh bread and a green salad.

I haven't had the chance to run since the 5K last Friday. I feel like a bump on a log. It doesn't help that I am surrounded by holiday treats at work already (OK, fine, and it also doesn't help that I made a special trip to the grocery store on my way to school today to pick up three bags of holiday candy to put in the candy jar that I keep on my desk!).

As we start to incorporate Common Core in the Houghton Mifflin Language Arts curriculum that our county uses, I've started teaching a daily mini-lesson that I call "Foundational Skills." For the past few weeks, I've been working with my students on digraphs. Today, we played Digraph Jeopardy...they had so much fun that I let them play for almost thirty minutes (don't tell my principal)! 

Tomorrow night, while KShaf works late, I'll be baking chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting (per Princess A's request). I bought a Wilton frosting bag and piping tip, and I'm really excited to use them to frost the cupcakes. I'll take a picture when I've finished!

Funny...KShaf is so preoccupied with his new cell phone that arrived today that he hasn't noticed yet that I bought new throw rugs for the kitchen.

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