November 26, 2015

Feeling Thankful

As usual, I've been MIA during the first few months of school. It always takes me some time to hit my stride and to get into a routine that allows me some time (and the energy) to blog. Lately, however, when I've had a free evening, I've been putting on my PJs and watching Bravo from the comfort of my warm bed. I just can't help myself, now that the weather in Maryland has turned chilly! But, since I'm off for five glorious days on Thanksgiving Break, I thought I'd catch you up on everything that has been happening at home and in the classroom. Warning: this post is guaranteed to be a little random!

As hard as it is to believe, Princess A and Deedle started second and first grades this year, respectively. I'm not quite sure how that happened, but I do know that I am incredibly grateful that they both have outstanding teachers this year.

Deedle with SpurDog, one of THE most amazing first grade teachers I know.

 Princess A with one of my good friends and former teammate. Princess A is so lucky to have her!

The three of us on the first day of school. Getting Deedle to hold still long enough to have his picture taken was more than a notion, but we got it done!

I've also been fortunate to have another group of amazing little firsties this year. I didn't think it would be possible to have another class like the one I had last year, but somehow, it has happened. 

One of my sweet little ones, working diligently on a writing assignment during the first week of school.

My kiddos love some Go Noodle, and I was extremely grateful for it during the first few weeks of school when they were still struggling to get through the day.

This was my third year, incorporating the Daily Five into my Language Arts small group rotations, and I'll tell you, it gets easier and easier every year. My little guys took to it like ducks to water!

Check out that EEK position! Nothing makes my heart happier than engaged readers.

Check out this adorable little guy, using finger spaces in Work on Writing!

Thankfully, we were able to get Accelerated Reader up and running much earlier this year than in previous years. And, my grade level finally has an iPad cart to call our own!

It's been so great to see my students so excited to read!

 I love this picture! Nothing better than reading new books outside on a beautiful fall day.

This year, we've also started using PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support) school-wide. Does anyone else out there use PBIS? I think it's so great to use a consistent behavior incentive that all of the students and staff have "bought into". We've had two incentive celebrations this year, and both have been a huge hit (even though our October celebration had to be held inside, due to rain).

Ice pops, free play, beach volleyball, and twins. What could be better?

At our October celebration, the kiddos got to finger paint, color, play limbo, and have a go at a game of Human Hungry, Hungry Hippos. This is Princess A with one of her friends. Love those smiles!

Last week, as part of American Education Week, our school had a Dress as a Professional Day. 

Bet you can't guess what this little cutie wants to be when she grows up. We're twins!

And since it is the time of year to be thankful, I had my firsties write in their Olweus bullying journals about what they are thankful for. 

I adore this picture. This little friend is quite the artist!

As for what I'm thankful for, I am thankful for:

1.) My patient, generous, and secretly hilarious husband (who, I might add, has been putting up with my antics for the past ten years, as of October 16th).

2.) My unique, talented, kind, creative, quirky, healthy children.

My kiddos had perfect attendance during the first quarter! How the heck did that happen?

3.) Fantastic, dedicated, innovative coworkers (and, more importantly, friends!).

This girl inspires me, every single day. Did I mention that she's getting married in July?!?!?!

4.) Running. In the past two years, running has become my absolute favorite thing to do (besides binge watching Bravo, of course, while eating every variety of Angie's popcorn that I can get my hands on). I've run two 10Ks this past year and more 5Ks that I can keep track of. I am planning to attempt my first half-marathon next spring.

Earlier this month, I ran the 10K Across the Bay. It was, hands down, one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had.
5.) Seasonal beer, Kindle books, yoga pants, Chai tea lattes, a clean house, flannel sheets, new shampoo, our Border Collie, and Zenni Optical. To name a few.

If you like hard cider and pumpkin beer, you have to check out McKenzie's Pumpkin Jack.

And now, I'm off to finish up Thanksgiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!