December 27, 2012

Home Again, Home Again

After ten (extremely long) hours on the road, we finally made it home yesterday around 4:30. In retrospect, KShaf and I agreed that we probably should not have tried to make the drive, knowing that a winter storm was on its way. Hindsight is, however, 20/20. It was nice to sleep in my own bed last night, and I know that the kids felt the same way!

We ended up taking the little ones to the doc this morning to get their coughs and fevers checked out. Dr. KShaf had diagnosed Princess A with bronchitis days ago, but I  thought that it would be a good idea to have an actual medical professional take a look. Sure enough, Princess A has a virus that has developed into bronchitis, and Deedle is fighting off the same bug. Poor babies!

Despite being sick, though, the kids had an awesome Christmas with Aunt A and Uncle D. Deedle was thrilled to receive a Lionel Polar Express train from Santa (among other things), and Princess A was beyond excited to get a HUGE (not sure where it's going to fit in my house) stuffed horse from Grandma.


In other news, I'm pretty sure that Femster roped me into running a half-marathon in the spring. Uh, a 5K is a pretty big deal for me; I'm not sure that I'll survive a half-marathon! If I'm going to have a chance, I'd better get out there and start running (especially since I have spent the past month eating my way through every holiday gathering I've attended!).

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