October 23, 2013

Hellooooooo! Are You Still Out There??

So, October has been busy. It's always a crazy time of year, both professionally and personally: the first quarter ends on October 30th (which means I have a zillion assessments to finish, not to mention progress reports), and of course, there's Halloween to contend with (excited kids at school and at home...yay!).

 Think they're a little bit excited? It has been a battle to convince them that they can't wear their costumes every day after school.

Plus, I presented at a county-wide professional development last Thursday on Common Core English Language Arts...and I am facilitating a staff meeting next week about equity. Yikes! The silver lining is that I have gobs of credits for re-certification.

Thankfully, these make it all a little easier:

Oh, dear God, these cookies are amazing! They are only in Target stores for a limited time...I may have to stockpile them!

On Monday, I had the chance to chaperone on Princess A's first "real" field trip to the local pumpkin patch. It was so much fun to be a parent for a few hours and not a teacher.

Check out that perfect blue sky and those adorable smiles!

So, I am wrapping up a unit about subtraction in math, and my kiddos have really been struggling with comparison subtraction and missing part subtraction. My awesome teammate, SpurDog, put together two adorable lessons to review these two concepts. I am trying to convince her to sell it on TPT because it is fantastic! Take a peek!

Seasonally appropriate and educational!

I am in love with this activity! Can't wait to try it out tomorrow!

I stopped by Target to grab a few bags of candy corn to use with this lesson. Now, I just have to stop myself from eating all of them before I teach math!

Head over to SpurDog's blog and convince her to put this awesome lesson on TPT! 

Enjoy the rest of your week!

October 4, 2013

October Currently (Yes, I'm Still Alive)

Where the heck did September go? I have been so stinkin' busy...I blinked and it's October already! Time for Farley's October Currently!

Listening: So, my kids are probably too old to take a bath together. But it's super convenient to dump them in together and let them play "Titanic" or "Spa" to their little hearts' content. Lazy of me, I know.

Loving: Oh. My. God. I discovered www.jane.com, thanks to Facebook. I am completely and totally obsessed. 

I ordered this necklace in black for my daughter's teacher for Christmas (I never start my Christmas shopping early, but I can't resist, with all of the great deals on Jane!).

I also bought her this, but in turquoise. What teacher doesn't love bubble necklaces and infinity scarves??

I nabbed this adorable bracelet in silver (monogrammed, natch) for a family member.

I may have also bought the chevron watch that everyone was dishing about on their blogs a few days back, and a bubble necklace (in hot pink) for myself. I'm two steps away from needing a Jane intervention.

Thinking: I have been fighting headaches since school started (stress? barometer? mold allergy? jaw clenching?), so I've been avoiding wine. But tonight, it's Friday, and I've earned a glass (headache be damned!).

Wanting: I would kill for a maid. During the week, I get so wrapped up with work and the kiddos that housecleaning takes a backseat. So, I feel like I spend all weekend cleaning. I try to get a head start on Friday (I make my grocery list and sort the laundry), but it still seems to take me forever. Ugh.

Needing: I didn't realize until I saw this pic that I posted on Facebook how long my hair has gotten in the past few months (I'm embarassed to admit it, but I don't think scissors have touched my hair in six months!).

Yes, that's a blue streak in my hair. Our PTO was selling "spirit hair" as a fundraiser, and all of the teachers had their hair done, free of charge! Brilliant (and lucrative, too!)!

Trick or Treat: I'd love to tell you that I have new products to offer as a treat, but sadly, I don't. Maybe by the end of the weekend? In the meantime, head over to my Facebook page, "like" my page, and grab a Fan Freebie!

Enjoy your weekend! You've earned it!