February 28, 2013

March for Babies

My dear friend, Kelly, texted me today to ask if I wanted to join her team to walk in the March for Babies. I immediately said yes! I have several personal reasons for wanting to walk. First, I had regular contractions when I was 28 weeks pregnant with Princess A. I ended up in Labor and Delivery (on Labor Day...ironic, no?), hooked to a monitor, and pumped full of terbutaline. Once the contractions slowed down, but before my OB was ready to discharge me, he decided to do a fetal fibronectin test to determine whether or not preterm labor was imminent in the next few days. While I was at work the following day, my OB called to tell me that my test came back positive and that I needed to go back to Labor and Delivery ASAP for steroid injections to help Princess A's lungs develop in case she came early. After my injection, I immediately went home and Googled 28 week-old fetuses. What I saw scared the bejeezus out of me. Thankfully, Princess A hung in there for a full 40 weeks, and she arrived at a (very!) healthy 8 pounds, 4 ounces. I felt so fortunate that my little one arrived on time and in good health that I walked in the March for Babies when Princess A was four months old.

Another reason I feel strongly about supporting the March of Dimes is that my BFF from college gave birth to her twins at 35 weeks. Her little girl was healthy enough to stay here on the Shore, but her little boy had to be taken across the bridge to the NICU in Baltimore. Watching my BFF recover from a C-section, battle postpartum depression, and try to bond with her babies when they were miles away from each other was heartbreaking.  Both babies are now vivacious, hilarious 6 year-olds.

Finally, my sweet friend, Kelly, had her little boy, Trevor, seven weeks early. He was in the NICU at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore for three weeks. He fought hard and grew into a healthy little baby. Sadly, Trevor's story has a tragic ending, but his story isn't mine to tell: it's Kelly's.

So, in memory and celebration of Trevor, Kelly has asked friends and family to walk in the March for Babies. If you're able, I'd be touched if you would be willing to sponsor me as I walk to help raise money to ensure that more babies are born on time and healthy. Please click on the link below to visit my fundraising page.

Thank you!

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