February 13, 2013

Frustration Station (AKA Freakin' Annoying Technology!)

I'm having a TPT/technology issue. Please help, if you can! I posted a lesson plan bundle on TPT a few weeks ago that includes three Smart Board lessons and two PDF files. I zipped them into one file for convenience. I've had two customers purchase the bundle, and they've both commented to let me know that the file is corrupted and they can't open it. What the hey is going on?? I asked KShaf for some guidance, and the only thing that he could suggest was to rename the file and upload it to TPT again. I create all of my files on a Mac; could that be the problem? If you have any insight, I'd really appreciate it!

I am trying to stick to my goal of running more during the week. This afternoon, I raced home from work so I could go for a run before dinner. It was raining. And cold. And windy. And miserable. But it felt good to get some exercise (before I stuffed my face at the China Buffet, that is).

I am hardcore. Also, when did I get those wicked crow's feet?

KShaf had to work last night (plus, it was Fat Tuesday!), so we had breakfast for dinner. Happiness is a plate of chocolate chip pancakes!

Check out those cheeseball smiles!

Once I finish making dice for a Valentine's Day roll and graph activity that I plan to use as one of my math rotations tomorrow, I am going to take a long, hot shower, and snuggle up in bed with my Kindle. I'm reading Nicholas Sparks' The Wedding. Not my favorite of his books, but it's definitely worth finishing.

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  1. You got the crow's feet from your mother, but they're not crow's feet - they're laugh lines.