February 21, 2013

Presidents' Day Recap

It took me two days to get through my Presidents' Day writing lesson; my students were really into it! Their writing was both hilarious and inspiring.

Exhibit A:

"If I was president, men and women would have to get married on a beach. If I was president, I would help people that had lost their homes and let them live in the White House."
(Notice the swirling purple tornado, destroying peoples' homes.)

Exhibit B:

"If I were president, I would be like Abraham Lincoln. I would read and I would be tall. I would make school a half a day. I would be a football player. I would be on the Ravens. I would not lose any games. I would be rich. Harper will be on my team. He likes the Ravens. I would build the White House on a beach. My cousins and friends will be friends."

P.S. I get to wear sweatpants to work today. Try not to be jealous. We have Jumprope for Heart today, and I am going to join my students during my planning time. I hope they're ready: I can jump some serious rope. I don't want to brag, but I used to double-dutch like no one's business.

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