February 22, 2013

Five for Friday

Tired people shouldn't blog. More importantly, tired people shouldn't attempt to link up with other blogs. I totally screwed up my link to Doodle Bugs linky party, so I apologize in advance if anyone got the run-around! 
I love Doodle Bugs Five for Friday linky party...always a good time!

1. I have had a red-letter week when it comes to cooking. My week began when I won rave reviews from the fam for the Pistachio-Crusted Quick Greek Chicken, and it ended this evening with a very successful Southwestern Chicken and Rice Skillet. Yum!

2. My kiddos at school have been all about writing this week. I am constantly impressed by what they are able to turn out. Today, I gave them the opportunity to share the writing that they have been working on for the past two days. I realized that I needed an "Author's Chair" sign for my rocking chair if I'm going to continue to give my firsties the chance to read their writing aloud, so I created this:

Click on the pic above to grab your own copy from Google Docs!
Clearly, I am currently obsessed with red polka dots. 

3. My new pair of sunglasses arrived in the mail from Zenni Optical. I can't decide if I love them, or if they look a little too much like the glasses that older people wear after cataract surgery. Either way, for a whopping $16, I can't go wrong!

4. I took Jennifer's advice over at First Grade Blue Skies, and I organized my fonts on Monday (while I should have been planning for the week...oops!). So helpful!

 This is only one page...there are more, believe me!

5. Thursday was Jumprope for Heart at our school. I had to get in on the jumproping fun. Sadly, SpurDog's camera wouldn't take quality action shots, though, so I had to pose for a few, like the one below:

 I am such an athlete. Can't you tell?
I look like a top-heavy flamingo. But, hey, I had fun!  

That's my crazy week! Thankfully, my week just came to a close with a big, sloppy kiss on the cheek from my littlest guy and an "I love you, Mama." Can't ask for much more...


  1. I'm coming to your house for dinner!! Those look like two really good recipes!

  2. Watch what you say about us old folks and our cataract sunglasses:)


  3. I am going to check out those receipes, sound yummy. I am your newest follower.

    The First Grade Princess