February 18, 2013

Finally...A Dinner That the Whole Family Can Enjoy!

As you can probably tell, I am totally obsessed with Iowa Girl Eats. Her recipes are easy and delicious, and the best part is that most of them can be thrown together in about thirty minutes (which is a darn good thing because my children and husband all come home starving at the end of the day!).

Tonight, I made a recipe that Kristin posted a link to on her blog: Pistachio-Crusted Quick Greek Chicken. Sweet. Mary. Jane. It was delicious. The best part? KShaf commented, "This is as good as something that you'd order in a restaurant." Victory! Thanks, Kristin!

I had the best sous-chef on the Eastern Shore helping me out.
She loved tossing the tomatoes with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Going in the oven. Looking good!

Deedle enjoying the fruits of Princess A's labors. He asked for seconds!

I had every intention of posting about President's Day, but between grocery shopping and dentist's appointments*, I am just now sitting down to do some work. Maybe I'll actually get myself planned for the upcoming week at some point!

* Random dental trivia: Do you know what an extra cusp is? Thanks to Princess A, I do! She essentially has a teeny tiny bonus tooth growing on top of one of her upper front teeth. The dentist said it's actually pretty rare to have one on a tooth other than a molar. As I said to Princess A, we always knew that she's special; this is just added proof!

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