November 18, 2012

First Math Common Core Term Assessment...Sigh

Last week, the first grade team was asked to meet with a math consultant whose job it is to make the transition to Common Core smoother. While we have been administering assessments at the end of each unit, she suggested that a term assessment be given at the end of each marking period. Thankfully, another local county has already developed the assessment; it is up to us, however, to create a review and study guide. So, I have spent the better part of my Sunday afternoon developing a Smart Board review and accompanying study guide. I have a renewed appreciation for the amount of time, work, and energy that SpurDog put into all of the lessons and accompanying activities that she created for the first term. I feel like I have birthed another child!

As soon as my school's computer tech is able to remedy whatever is going on with my Adobe software, I will be posting what I created to TPT. Until then, here is a sneak peek!

UPDATE: Term 1 Resources are available on TPT!

This is the first page of the 24 page (!!) Smart Board lesson I created.

 This is one of the activities for our small group rotations.

This is the second small group activity.

Now, I'm off to create a study guide and assessment for the science unit we are finishing about where living things live.

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