November 17, 2012

A Very Cowgirl Birthday

My daughter will be turning 5 on December 2. Egads! Where has the time gone? I typically go into complete denial around this time of year. I just have the hardest time believing that my little baby can possibly be getting so big!

Well, my little girl has decided that rather than go the traditional Disney Princess route, this year, she would like to have a cowgirl-themed birthday party. She has been smitten with horses since before she could walk. It doesn't hurt that her grandmother has what can only be described as a small petting zoo. At last count, Grandma had at least eight horses, five ponies, a donkey, several llamas, a flock (?) of guinea hens, a few dozen chickens and roosters, a handful of dogs, and a partridge in a pear tree (I'm kidding about that last one). Princess A talks constantly about visiting Grandma, even though she lives six hours away, and we usually only get to see her a few times each year.

So, I've spent the past few days on Pinterest, trying to get some ideas for Princess A's party. I used Evite to send out this adorable invitation to a few of her closest friends. Thank goodness for Oriental Trading Company...I was able to get almost everything else I needed from there (including flatware, balloons, streamers, and cupcake toppers!). 

I also got kits for the girls to make cowgirl necklaces (not sure what Princess A's male guests will be making, but oh, well!). I will be preparing a gourmet feast of hotdogs, pretzels, veggies and "ranch" dip, fruit and cream cheese dip, and pink lemonade. For favors, I found a link to Bakerella's recipe for Cowgirl Cookie Mix. I'll be sending these home with the kiddos as favors:

And as we speak, my husband is researching local horse farms that will rent ponies for birthday parties. Seriously?? That man will do just about anything for his little girl. Honestly, though, Princess A will be totally surprised, and I'm sure she will never, ever forget her 5th birthday.

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