August 1, 2013

Not So Crafty After All

I woke up this morning to a dreary, rainy day...which would have been great, except that Princess A had horseback riding lessons at 8:30.

My girl is really getting the hang of riding. Today, she gave trotting a try!

While Princess A rode, Deedle entertained himself by jumping in puddles. I want to be four again.

Since it was such a dismal day, I figured I would get a head start on some of the crafts that I've wanted to make for my classroom. So after Princess A's riding lesson, we headed to WalMart to pick up a few things.

A few things? Ha!

I nabbed some adorable plastic Adirondack chairs ($4.97 a piece!) and six new bins ($1.97 each) for my classroom library. I have one of these shelving units for my library (and a matching one behind my desk):

Picture this turned on its side.

Cute, right? Except that all of the books constantly slide through the cracks. So, I'd like to do something like this instead:

 It's a guarantee that my library won't be nearly as cute as this one, but you get the idea. I plan to use bins on my shelves to keep my books contained.

I also picked up tissue paper, black and white polka dot ribbon, tons of clothespins, and white card stock. I really, really wanted to use the tissue paper to make these to hang from the ceiling:


I should have known that mine wouldn't look anything like these.

One word: disaster. Mine were not nearly as poofy and adorable as matter what I did, I couldn't get mine to look right. So after throwing away at least three attempts, I got frustrated and ordered these:

And these:

I think that $25 is a very small price to pay for my sanity. Did I mention that the classroom wreath that I was planning to make didn't turn out, either? I think it's time to give up and just buy, rather than make.

Princess A is calling me: time for the 234th game of UNO. Siiiiiiigh.


  1. Dude...the balls didn't work out? Oh no! I got mine from party city. Super cheap!

    Always Sunny in a Windowless Classroom

  2. Nope. My balls were a bust. I ended up going to the Party City route, too...cheaper than Oriental Trading!

  3. Sometimes buying it is totally worth saving you the time and the headaches! I've had many failed Pinterest projects. Often say, how much of a price difference will there be? I'm all about saving money but I also want my room to look cute!

    I totally feel you :)

    My Shoe String Life
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