August 16, 2013

Best Intentions

The school year is upon me in a serious kind of way. I had every intention of (A.) participating in the Teacher Week linky, and (B.) NOT going to work until August 20th (my official "start" day). Silly me!

I went to work on Monday to pick up my Teacher Toolbox. It needed a polka dot facelift. I don't think it was meant to be, though. First, I dumped the contents of the toolbox all over the floor of my car when I took a turn too quickly. Then, when I got it home, this happened:

I am still picking itty bitty staples out of my kitchen rug. Grrrr.

After some perseverence (and a lot of swearing inside my head), I finally accomplished this:

I love it.

By Tuesday, I couldn't fight the urge any longer. I had to go into my classroom. Thankfully, my littles love going to school with me. While I got some things done, they played on the playground, stamped up a storm, colored to their hearts' content, and made some very impressive creations with my geoboards. 

When I walked into my classroom, I saw these:

SpurDog and I have been waiting for these to arrive with bated breath for the past three months. They are trays that fit into the students' desks. Since we switch classrooms for Language Arts instruction (and you haven't truly experienced annoyance until you have listened to at least five students drop their pencil boxes on the linoleum floor), the students can simply slide their trays out (with books, folders, pencil boxes, etc., all easily contained) and take them with them. Genius!

This week has not been without casualty, however. I was in a hot glue gun frenzy the other morning, and I managed to do this to my finger:

I've birthed two children, so I know pain. This blister, however, is unlike any pain I've experienced before. Ouch!!

By Wednesday, I realized that the kiddos and I needed to make time to appreciate the last few days of summer. Ms. Kerry (teaching colleague and wonderful friend) was kind enough to invite us to go swimming in her pool. 

My kids have sprouted tails and turned into fish. They didn't get out of the pool for 2 1/2 hours.

On the way home from Ms. Kerry's house, Princess A lost her third tooth.

The Tooth Fairy is going to go bankrupt if Princess A keeps up this pace. Love those little sun-kissed cheeks and big blue eyes!

I went into my classroom for a few more hours yesterday, and I'm planning to go in this afternoon, too (actually, the kiddos begged me to take them to school, so, how can I say no?). I'm responsible for presenting at our first staff meeting next week, so I'd like to get as much of my room finished as I can, so I can focus on planning for my presentation.

I'm off to take Deedle to get his back-to-school haircut! Happy Friday!


  1. Sometimes I miss it and most if the time I don't! Thanks for letting me live through you though! Good luck !

  2. I have a feeling I'm going to create little toolbox disasters everywhere. For some reason I imagined that the drawers would be bigger too. I haven't made labels yet, so pulling on all 26 drawers to find what I want has been a pain in the...*insert bad words here*. OUCH on your finger...ouch, ouch, ouch!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'