May 24, 2013

Summer Bucket List

I am literally counting the days until June 10th. While I adore my kiddos this year and will be sorry to see them go, this year has definitely had its challenges. (Case in point: a parent actually slammed a door in my face this morning. What a way to start the day!) Also, right now, I look like this:

I've had viral pink eye for almost a week now. So gross and miserable. Hopefully, the steroid eye drops I got today will help.

So, I am really, really looking forward to summer. That brings me to my Summer Bucket List.

Right now, I am daydreaming about hot summer days, eating ice cream on the porch with these two goofy kids:

Notice the ring of ice cream around both of their mouths. Princess A couldn't even be bothered to look up from her cone long enough for me to take the pic!

Usually, we spend a lot of time at a nearby beach, known to locals as "The Strand." It's on the Tred Avon River in Oxford, and it's perfect for little kids. 

Here's Deedle, skipping rocks at The Strand on one of the first warm days we had a few months back.

I can't wait, however, to take our annual trip to the Outer Banks. This year, Gram and Pop Pop are coming, too, and I am really looking forward to spending the week with them (I will also admit that I'll be glad to have a few extra hands to help with Princess A and Deedle!).

My little beach boy by the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse last year.
 And my sunshine girl, soaking up the rays.

Leisure reading is at the top of my list, too. Elin Hildebrand has a new book coming out in early June, and I can't wait to read it while relaxing on the beach, drinking a Corona, and watching the kiddos play in the sand.

I have a few work-related things on my list, too (believe it or not!). I'd like to get the rest of my Houghton Mifflin Science units edited and posted on TPT, and I have a ton of little odds and ends that I'm hoping to post (eventually!).

Bring on summer...June 10th can't get here fast enough!


  1. I came over from the Summer Bucket List! I'm your newest follower, I hope your eyes feel better!

  2. So sorry about your pink eye! It looks like it's no fun! Hopefully you are feeling better today. I'm your newest follower!

    Teaching With Moxie