May 2, 2013

Such a Slacker and a FREEBIE!

I'm cheating on my blog...with Facebook. I can't control myself. I am obsessed.

Yesterday, we took our first grade classes to the Maryland Science Center for a much anticipated field trip. Even though it is a long drive, the trip is one of my favorites; we ride on a charter bus (yes, we ride in style!), we always have tons of chaperones who want to come (sometimes this is a blessing, and other times, it's a curse!), and the kiddos get to explore freely (and the teachers do, too!).

SpurDog and I had a little too much fun, touring the dinosaur exhibit.

In this exhibit, the kids (and Spurdog) could experience hurricane-force winds.
I love the facial expressions in this pic.

In order to keep the children fully engaged during their visit, we gave them the option of completing a scavenger hunt. We promised any student who completed (or attempted to complete) the hunt a free homework pass. I looked for some cute homework passes on TPT, but I ended up creating my own. Feel free to grab them for yourself!
In other random news, my kiddos (Princess A and Deedle) paid a visit to the Scholastic Book Fair today.  It was a BOGO Book Fair, and I sent them with specific instructions that they were not to spend more than $5 each (it took a leap of faith to send them to school with blank checks in their backpacks, believe me!). Princess A came home with two awesome books, and Deedle bought a bug book that he is totally obsessed with. It came with 3-D glasses (obviously, bugs are way more awesome when they literally pop off the page), and he has been wearing them around all evening. We tried to explain that they are not sunglasses, but he's not interested.

It's hard to be so cool.

I am so excited that we only have 28 days of school left...I am looking forward to a summer full of beach trips, Coronas, and backyard fun.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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  1. Love the glasses! Super cool!! Can't wait for the beach too!