January 6, 2013

Sudsy Sunday

KShaf and I usually try to grab a few extra winks of sleep on the weekends, since we are up during the week at 5:00 a.m. Lately, my lovely little ones have gotten themselves into some trouble on weekend mornings before KShaf and I are up and moving (I blogged about it here). This morning, I awoke to find that Princess A and Deedle had "helped" by "doing the dishes." Translation: they had taken all of the dishes out my cabinets, put them in the sink, and emptied half a bottle of dish detergent onto them. There were soap suds everywhere. The best part, however, came after I had finished cleaning up the mess and had turned the dishwasher on: the dishwasher literally started puking bubbles out of it and onto the kitchen floor. It was like something out of a comedy, and it probably would have been funny...if it hadn't happened in my kitchen.

So, I decided that between the early morning antics and the prepubescent snarkiness (she's five, for crying out loud!) that has been coming out my daughter's mouth recently, it is time to start using behavior charts with the children. I went on TPT (thank you, Molly!) and downloaded this:

Then, I made the following to accompany it:

I am headed (back) to Dollar Tree once the kids are down for their nap (and so help me, they had better sleep today!) to get fridge magnets or magnet tape (to hang the charts and behavior goals on the fridge) and small incentive stickers. 

If this plan doesn't work, I may have to send them to boarding school (kidding, kidding!).

Enjoy what's left of your weekend!


  1. Love the behavior charts. I wonder if I could create something like that for my 2 girls?! My 12 year old has developed such a fresh mouth. Oh my! I don't know if I can survive these teenage years!!!!! Good luck with your charts! Keep us posted!


  2. If you find a good boarding school, let me know, OK? Because you already know that sometimes when Aidan opens his mouth a 14 year old girl falls out. Let me know how the behavior charts work, will you? Maybe I need to think about implementing something like that here.