January 24, 2013

Snow Day Fun!

Since today is technically a snow day, I created this document for my substitute to use as seatwork tomorrow while I am in a professional development meeting. Click below to grab it from Google Docs!

It amazes me how much fun two small children (and a Border Collie) can have in a half-inch of snow. All three were outside for almost an hour this morning. Princess A occupied herself by cleaning off my car (bonus for me!), Deedle pushed his dump trucks around in the snow, and Kin tried to herd the kids while simultaneously trying to convince them to throw his frisbee.

SpurDog's comment when she saw this pic? 
Belle is in serious need of some stockings...it's just too doggone cold to go without!


  1. Holy moly that looks cold! Love the dump truck as a snow toy!

    Stay warm!

    Crayons and Whimsy

  2. Christy, they had a blast! But Deedle paid the price...he woke up with strep the next morning. Boo!

    Thanks for stopping by!