January 16, 2013

I'm SNOW Excited!

You'd think that after barely making it back to Maryland in one piece over the winter break, I wouldn't be in the mood for snow again any time soon. Well, you'd be wrong! We are under a Winter Storm Watch on the Eastern Shore (cue dramatic music) until Friday morning, and I am so pumped, I could scream. See, it's been a slightly stressful week at work (I would love to get into the specifics of why it's been a rough week, but sadly, I can't), so a four-day weekend would be just grand right about now.

Even though it's been a stinky week at work, there have been some lovely things happening on the home front. First, the sticker chart continues to work wonders with my little darlings. Why the heck didn't I think of it sooner?

I came home on Monday evening to find my husband...cooking dinner for the family! The responsibility of preparing meals usually falls to me, so you can imagine my surprise when I found KShaf making garlic roasted chicken, baked potatoes, and fresh green beans...all accompanied by my favorite Pinot Grigio. He's a keeper, that husband of mine.

I ordered a new purse from the Thirty One Outlet sale the day after Christmas (when you're confined in a car for ten hours, there isn't much to do besides shop on your iPhone), and it just arrived on Monday. I love it!
I may have also gotten the matching wallet, too. 
I can't help it; I have an obsession with accessories!

I have been looking for a black and white case for my iPhone (I was on a hot pink and black kick; now, I've moved on to black and white). I found this on Amazon (for $6!):

I bought a black and white polka dot case, too. 
Clearly, I need an intervention!

I am planning to take some pics of my classroom in the next few days so I can take you on a virtual tour. There is so much to do during the day that I forget to take the time to take pictures! Hopefully, I'll have the chance tomorrow. 

Off to watch the American Idol season premiere! The auditions are my favorite...I love the crazies.

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