July 2, 2013

Day in the Life Linky

I decided to participate in Second Grade Nest's linky party, so you can get an idea of what a day in my life is like. Prepare yourself: my life is glamorous!

Instead of showing you what a day in my life is like during the summer (it's blissfully boring!), I thought I'd share what an average day in my life is like during the school year.

5:30 (yes, 5:30 in the morning!!)  I haven't used an alarm clock in six years. My kiddos are usually up between 5 and 5:30 every day (weekends included). They are content to eat cereal and toast while they catch up on their Disney Junior shows.

6:00  I make lunches for myself and the kidlets. Around this time, I usually find a minute to eat breakfast, down a cup of coffee, and check out Facebook, Pinterest, and my favorite blogs.

7:00  I get a blissful twenty minutes to myself to shower. I joke with my colleagues that this is usually the time that I come up with all of my best ideas; I've even considered keeping an Expo marker in there so I can jot down my thoughts!

8:00  Time to drop the kids off at daycare. We are lucky to have an UH-mazing home daycare provider who takes exceptional care of our little ones. She loves them, and they love her in return!

8:30  As soon as I arrive at work, I drop my things off in my classroom and go right to SpurDog's room to catch up and gossip.

9:00  Kiddos arrive in my classroom, and my day "officially" starts! The day moves at a crazy clip, and it's over before I know it!

3:50  Once my students leave for the day, I tidy up a bit, make copies for the next day, and race out the door to pick up my own little ones.

4:30  Inevitably, everyone is starving when they get home from work, school, and daycare, so I usually start making dinner right away. Iowa Girl Eats is, hands down, my favorite go-to for quick, easy, and healthy recipes for the whole family.

6:00  After dinner, we either take a family bike ride (when the weather is nice), or I squeeze in a quick run.

7:00  Bath, PJs, and story time. Deedle has developed the charming habit of coming out of his room at least a half dozen times to tell me "one more thing." It's exhausting.

8:00  Once the kiddos are down for the night, I do a little school work for the next day. Then, I pour myself a glass of Barefoot Pinot Grigio, turn on Bravo, and turn my brain off for the rest of the evening.

9:30  Since my kids wake up so doggone early, I head to bed nice and early so I can get up and do it all over again!

So, that's my day, in a nutshell!

Oooh! I almost forgot! I just bought this amazing blog template from Dreamlike Magic Designs, and I am so, so excited to see it installed!

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  1. Your new blog design is going to look amazing! And girl, I LOVE some Barefoot. :-D Can't wait to see the new blog design.

    Thanks for linking up!
    Second Grade Nest