April 23, 2013

The Tooth Fairy's Helper and Earth Day

Deedle and Princess A have anxiously been awaiting a visit from the Tooth Fairy's helper. She was supposed to visit their classrooms back in February (during Dental Health Month), but apparently, she was under the weather...for a really, really long time. Well, she finally paid a visit yesterday, and the kids couldn't stop talking about her. Apparently, she even had purple wings (Princess A was delighted!).

"Look, Mama! I'm flossin'!"

We celebrated Earth Day during our writing block on Monday. I used Fun in K/1's awesome Earth Day Craftivity pack. It was a huge hit with the kiddos! But my favorite is this one:

"You can reuse by if you are done with a beer bottle, you can wash out the beer can and brew your own beer." I knew I liked this kid.

Tomorrow, our entire county is headed over the Bay Bridge to the Common Ground Conference in Baltimore. I have my Kindle, chocolate, and snacks ready to go!

P.S. There ya go, Mom...I updated!


  1. Thank you, Susie. How else can I keep track of you and the kidlets.

    Love your student's idea for recycling.


  2. Love the beer recycling! Awesome. I'd say let's go grab one if you're going to be over here today, but somehow I don't think either of us is going to have the time. Have fun!