March 13, 2013

Spring Fever!

It was a balmy 65 degrees here in Maryland last weekend. The kids spent the entire weekend, playing outside. They even helped KShaf build a brand new sandbox in the backyard! We used to have one of the Little Tykes green turtle sandboxes, but the kids outgrew it last summer, so, KShaf decided it was time to build them a bigger one.

Princess A helping to move and break up the dirt. I think she really just enjoyed getting her hands filthy.

The finished product! And, yes, Deedle is face down in the sand. Sometimes, I worry about him...

While the kids and KShaf were being productive outside, I tackled the inside of the house. I've had the hardest time finding a way to organize the kids' toys so that our (already smallish) house doesn't seem cluttered. I had been storing their toys in stackable laundry baskets, which worked for awhile, but now that the kids' toys are getting bigger and more cumbersome, I realized that it was time to upgrade. So, I bought this from Target:

If I'm being honest, I'd love to have the one in shades of pinks and purples for Princess A...but that may be a bit much for our family room.

I had my final observation last week and my conference with my principal this morning. I am so glad that's over for the year! After talking to her, I got some ideas for next year, as well as some ways to organize this year's data. So, while everyone else in my house is sleeping soundly, I'm sitting at my desk, drinking tea and developing a template for tracking our grade level IRI data for the year. It could have waited until this summer, but I figured I'd jump on it while the idea is fresh in my mind. My "to do" list for the summer, however, is growing daily!

Happy Hump Day!

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