July 5, 2015

July Currently

It has been a looooooong time since I've linked up with Farley for a Currently. I'm so glad to be back in the blogging groove! So, let's get to it.

Listening: We've been in northwestern Pennsylvania for almost a week, visiting KShaf's family. Last year, Princess A was driving the four-wheeler, but I was always along for the ride. This year, she is allowed to ride all by herself. Terrifying for Mom, but exhilarating for her!

Loving: I'm obsessed with Pura Vida bracelets. I stumbled upon an ad for them on Facebook, and I decided to order a few. They are the perfect accessory for your summertime wardrobe! Plus, they are completely waterproof, so you can wear them all the time. And as if that's not enough, every sale helps to provide jobs for Costa Rican artisans.

I bought this one, and it goes with everything!

This one is next on my list for another time, but I just ordered a Baby Loss Awareness bracelet and an Anti-Child Abuse Awareness bracelet, in honor of my brave friend who lost her little boy at nine months. (I bought both bracelets for less than $10.00, and a percentage of the sale goes to charity.)

Thinking: As a way to stay in shape between weekly long runs (as I get ready for the Baltimore Half Marathon in October), I've started riding my mountain bike 2-3 days a week. During the week, I try to cover 4-5 miles, and on the weekend, I try to make time for a 10 mile ride. I'm thinking about taking my bike out for one more spin through the Pennsylvania hills before we head back to Maryland early next week.

Wanting: Speaking of returning to Maryland, I am itching for a beach day when we get back. We squeezed in a day at Assateague a few weeks ago (before all of the shark attacks in the Carolinas started making headlines), and we spent the entire time in the water! I'd love to go down for a day, midweek, while KShaf is still on vacation. There is nothing quite like the sand between my toes and the smell of saltwater!

Needing: I'd really love to get a set of eight stools for my Guided Reading table, and I've found the perfect ones at IKEA. Functional and well-priced!

  These guys are only $4.99 each! They are easy to put together and super durable. I use them in my Listening Center, too, and the kids love them!

I could also use a teacher chair for the same table. I've been using one of those crummy, hard, plastic chairs for the past four years, and it's been killing my back! I've toyed with the idea of investing in a yoga ball office chair, like this one:

They are supposed to be great for your back and for building your core, but I may be too frugal (read: cheap) to spend $100 on a chair!

ALL: One thing I have perfected this summer is taking a nap. Simply put, I am an all-star napper. I have always enjoyed sleeping (just ask KShaf...he's pretty sure that I'm narcoleptic), but I really love a good nap on a muggy, hot, summer day. Since we've been in PA, I've napped with Deedle every doggone day...and it's been fantastic!

So, that's what I'm up to this holiday weekend. Head on over to Farley and link up!


  1. Hi Susie! Farley's linkup brought me to your post! I grew up in Maryland and just visited for about 2 weeks. I'm trying to get back into my blogging groove too. I'm hoping to stick to it this time! I love those Pura Vida bracelets. I HAVE to get me one!

    One of my teammates has those IKEA stools and she loves them. The kids beg her to use them all of the time. Thanks for sharing!

    Beach Teach

  2. I have never seen those bracelets before. I'm loving the anchor one, but then again I love anything with anchors.
    If you end up with one of those yoga ball chairs let me know how it goes! I should get one for my house during the summer, lol.

  3. I have ordered three Pura Vida bracelets (black, purple and orange). I gave the orange one to my principal. I love the whole concept of the bracelets and they are so reasonably priced. I know I will order more in the future! I'm loving that you are napping....me too!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'