July 2, 2014

July Currently

Can it really be July already? This summer is flying by! The family and I are in northwestern Pennsylvania right now, visiting KShaf's family for the week. There has been a lot of four-wheeling, pony patting, and good food eating!

Princess A has learned how to drive the four-wheeler. She is a speed demon.

Princess A fell in love with Grandma's pony, Pepper.

I'm super excited to finally have the chance to link up with Farley for her Currently linky...it's been too long!

Thank goodness for classic Disney movies being shown in that critical half hour before lunch is ready. I'm not sure Princess A would have made it without a meltdown otherwise!

I stumbled across Kreative in Kinder on Facebook, and I am so, so in love with the shirt that I ordered from her the other day. 

Adorable, no?

I've been due for an upgrade on my phone for awhile now, so I finally sucked it up and ordered the iPhone 5 this morning (IN PINK!!!). It should be here by Thursday, and I can't stinkin' wait!

My summer vacation began less than two weeks ago, and I have been as lazy as can be every day since it started. I have been napping with the kids every afternoon, staying in my PJs until 10:00 in the morning, and taking more trips to Target than I can count. I could live like this forever.

Before we left for PA, I downloaded two new books:

 I love Emily Giffin.

Yay for Jennifer Weiner!

I've started the Giffin book (it's slow going so far, but I'm optimistic that it will pick up soon), but the kiddos have been keeping us so busy with toad stalking and lightning bug hunting that I haven't had much time to get into it. Not an awful problem to have, though.

4th Plans
It has become a tradition to get the kids showered and into PJs, and then, KShaf's UD sets off fireworks in the backyard after it gets dark. The kiddos look forward to it every year (and I admit, I do, too!).

So, that's what I've been up to. While we've been in PA, I've had the chance to troll Pinterest, and I've gotten some great ideas for next year. I'm excited to get started on some projects when we get home.

Have a safe Fourth!


  1. Oh, I love Emily Giffin and Jennifer Weiner! They are both great authors. And you're getting a new iPhone 5? I'm jealous. That's going to be one of the first things I buy when I get home in August. I had a 4 before I left and didn't want to upgrade since I was moving to Korea for a year. I have a Samsung here, but it is NOT the same as the iPhone. I like the iPhone SO much better! I'm glad I found you through Farley's Currently! Oh, and I love Mulan. It's one of my favorites...along with The Little Mermaid.
    Southern Fried Teachin’

  2. I love Emily Giffin! I can't wait to read her new book!!

    Beyond The Gradebook

  3. I haven't read Emily Giffin but I love Jennifer Weiner! I feel like my summer just started and it's already July! That sounds like a great family tradition for the Fourth. We do pajama's in the car while looking at Christmas lights a couple days before Christmas.

    My Kinder-Garden

  4. Love Krystal's t-shirts! I might need that one too! I loop and have a kindergarten one but I don't have a first grade one. Sounds like you are having a great time!

  5. Hi :) Yes… why can’t it be summer FOREVER?!? So thankful for this part of the year :D And your July 4th plans sound great! I’m so happy I DON’T live near a Target. I would always be broke!