January 3, 2013

Newest Preoccupation

Today was my first day back to work after the holiday break. I have to admit, I was really happy to see all those sweet, smiling faces this morning when they came into the classroom. I think I actually missed them!

I got a text from KShaf around 10:00 that Deedle was sick and needed to be picked up from school. I was immediately suspicious. He was pretty doggone sick over the holidays, but he had been feeling a lot better in the past few days (no fever whatsoever and a few infrequent coughing fits). KShaf agreed to go to the school and pick him up. When KShaf arrived, he asked Deedle if he was feeling sick. Deedle ducked his head (guiltily) and said, "No. I just wanted to go home and play." I knew the kid was slick, but I never thought he'd fake being sick (at least not at the tender age of three!). I think I experienced shame and pride simultaneously. Ah, parenthood.

I have been lucky enough to have numerous parents offer to volunteer in my classroom this year. When I first started teaching, I will admit that I didn't enjoy having parents in my classroom; I always felt like they were sizing me up and judging every move I made. The longer I've been teaching, however, the more I have realized that parent volunteers can be an enormous asset. My parent volunteers come in three times a day, three days a week. I have them work with the children on their high frequency word recognition and their addition fact recall. It has made a huge difference! But, I didn't like the way I had my volunteer materials organized. So, I spent the better part of my evening creating this (yes, it could have waited until the weekend, but when I get an idea in my head, I have to run with it):

 Now, all of my volunteers' materials are neatly organized! I have this three-drawer organizer on the desk outside my classroom door; parent volunteers barely even need to enter the room!

I am off to read my Kindle (one of my New Year's resolutions)!

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