January 22, 2013

Dr. King, Grades, and Taxes...Oh, My!

I was lucky enough to win A Cupcake for the Teacher's Martin Luther King craftivity pack last month, and I was so excited to put it to use in my classroom! I taught a writing lesson in which the students watched a Brain Pop video, and then used what they know about Ideas and Conventions (gotta love those good ol' 6+1 writing traits!) to write about their dreams for the future. They had some amazing ideas! During our Enrichment and Intervention block at the end of the day on Friday, I read Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King.

Then, I had the kiddos write four facts that they learned about Dr. King. Apparently, they were paying attention!

They were all a little preoccupied by the fact that Dr. King was assassinated. Almost every child mentioned it in their writing.

"Martin Luther King spoke an important message." Yes, he did!

Today, we had a teacher inservice/planning day. I'd like to say that I got a lot done, but my room was so stinkin' cold, I had trouble concentrating (it was a whopping 24 degrees today in Maryland)! I was able to get all of my plans for tomorrow done, but I wish I had spent some time working on my second quarter grades: they are due on Thursday morning, and I haven't started them yet. Oh, well...they always manage to get done, one way or the other!

It's the most wonderful time of the year: tax time (I know it's our money to begin with, but it always feels like Christmas when that big whopping check arrives in our checking account)! Even though KShaf has a degree in business, I always end up doing our family's taxes (sad, considering that I teach first graders basic addition and subtraction!). This year, I'm planning on using Tax Act's online tax software. I'll be so glad when they are signed, sealed, and delivered!

I'm off to make some more mod podged clothespins to hang my students' work in the classroom. With all the cute things I've found on TPT or made, my classroom feels like it's a constant work in progress this year.

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