January 20, 2013

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Check out the black-and-purple pride in our house!

The kids got to wear their Ravens gear to school on Friday.
Too cute!

I just finished putting together what KShaf calls a "tidbit tray:" chicken bites (regular and buffalo-style), veggies and dip, fresh fruit, and KShaf's favorite game food, Totino's Pizza Rolls. The four of us are tailgating (in our kitchen) before the Ravens/Patriots game that's coming on in an hour.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to give you the ten-cent tour of my classroom. But for now, I'm ready to settle in for a night of family and football!

1 comment:

  1. Have they been doing "Football Fridays" at school, too? Ours have, too, so Gwyn's proudly gone in either her 'Skins shirt or jersey. Aidan can't be bothered.

    Oh, and those buffalo chicken bites sound yummy. Remind me to send you the recipe I found for a buffalo chicken ring, done with crescent rolls and cream cheese. Oh. My. God.