July 22, 2015

Do You Dojo? and a GIVEAWAY

Class Dojo is just about the coolest thing to hit the education profession in recent years (at least in my humble opinion). Have you heard of it? Do you use it? If you haven't and you don't, then this post is for you! If you are already a Dojo fan, stick with me! There's a giveaway at the end (who doesn't love a giveaway?).

Class Dojo is a FREE online classroom management tool that utilizes a points system for behavior. It also allows you to stay in contact with parents so that they can be informed about their children's classroom behavior. Go here to get started. Once you've created your profile, you're ready to create a class.

I love the fact that you can create as many classes as you want. This came in especially useful several years ago when my team switched classes for both Language Arts and Science. I had three classes on Dojo: my homeroom class, my Language Arts class, and my Science classes. 

Once you've assigned your class a name and a grade, you're ready to begin adding students' names.

You can import your students' names from Word, or you can type in their names manually. Each child is assigned a Dojo avatar.

Now, you're ready to connect your students' parents to Class Dojo. See? I told you it was awesome sauce.

The site creates a Parent Letter that you can download and send home. I personalized this letter and added it to my Class Dojo pack that you can find here. (Again, stick with me. Giveaway on its way!)

Next, you have the opportunity to set up your behaviors, both positive and those that need some improvement. 

 You can change these and make them meet your needs.

You can do the same with these.

Now, you're ready to start assigning points!

To assign points, simply click on a student's name. You will be given the choice to either assign a point for a positive behavior, or you can take away a point for a behavior that needs improvement.

You can even assign points to a group of students. This is great for cooperative learning groups!

You can also use Dojo to keep track of attendance, award points to multiple students, choose a student at random, and it even has a timer feature.

The site also has several options for running reports on student behaviors.

You can send messages, via email, to your students' parents, as well. You can either send a whole group message, or you can send a message to an individual parent.

So...are you sold? If so, head on over to TPT to download my Class Dojo pack. The pack includes the following:

 Parent Letter, explaining the features of Class Dojo 

This letter also gives parents the opportunity to provide an email address, which you will use to stay in touch about students' behavior.

Behavior Note

This note gives you the chance to inform parents immediately about particularly challenging behaviors.

Monthly Certificates

These certificates are handed out at the end of each month to those students who had 90% or higher positive behavior. The certificate entitles the student to each lunch with the teacher.

The best part? This pack is completely EDITABLE! You can make any changes that you need to, based on the needs of your students. Enter my giveaway below for a chance to win the pack!
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  1. Susie!
    I started using Class Dojo at the end of last school year and IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!!!
    I cannot wait to use the group function!
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