April 6, 2013

Friday Date Night

Why do short weeks feel so doggone long?? Even though we only had to work three days this past week, they were three of the longest days ever! So, as a reward for surviving the week, KShaf decided to take the fam out for dinner last night to our local Japanese restaurant. We were pretty confident that Deedle would like the food (that child eats anything that doesn't eat him first!), but we didn't anticipate just how much Princess A would enjoy her dinner!

Here is Princess A, gobbling up her salad. The chopsticks were a huge hit!

I don't think I've ever met another three year-old who enjoys miso soup as much as Deedle does.

Deedle has developed an affinity for sushi (the more exotic, the better!). I can't wait to tell him what those little orange thingies are when he gets a little bit older...

Last night, KShaf got down all of Deedle's baby clothes from the attic to give to a friend who is expecting a little boy in a few months. I knew I shouldn't have looked through the clothes, but I couldn't help myself!

I can't believe that the little munchkin who could fit into this itty bitty outfit is going to be four years old next weekend! Where in the world has the time gone??

Tomorrow, we are going to have breakfast with my Biffle and her family, my parents, and one of my closest friends from college and her mother. I am beyone excited to reconnect with everyone! 

Have a great weekend!

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