January 26, 2014

SNOW Much Going On

I haven't seen my students in a full week. Crazy, right? We had last Monday off for Martin Luther King's birthday, and the following day, we got about five inches of snow, along with freezing temperatures and strong winds. Schools were closed Wednesday through Friday, as a result.

I took this pic on Thursday afternoon when we got a second round of snow. It probably doesn't look like much to those of you from the midwest, but the roads were ridiculous. 

I spent my days off, getting organized and cleaning (after I finished my grades and data, of course). I rearranged my crafting supplies, went through my recipe binder and got rid of the recipes that I've never tried, and I even finished getting my math manipulatives organized and re-labeled!

These Dollar Tree "Gladware" containers are UH-mazing. I bought twenty of them, and I labeled them with polka dot labels to match my classroom.

Cute, right?

I also grabbed three packs of these adorable small containers. Ten for $1.00! I use these to put dice in when my students are playing math games (the containers keep the dice from flying across the room!).

Before our unexpected week off, my students had been working hard on animal research projects in writing. I've been using Susan Moran-Jones' Common Core Writing for 1st Grade pack, and I have been amazed by what my students have been able to do! They have chosen an animal that they'd like to learn more about, completed their research (using library books and other resources), and they have been working on their illustrations and captions.

This little guy was SO excited to learn more about lions!

This little cutie was really into learning about hippos. He was concentrating so hard!

I love how this project has brought students together who might not have worked together otherwise.

A completed illustration and caption. I love it!

I'm excited to get back to work on our writing tomorrow! I hope my kiddos haven't lost their enthusiasm during their week off!

I'm really excited to share the other project that I've been working on. I completed a Valentine's Day literacy pack, and I'm tickled with how it turned out (especially considering that it's my first attempt at something like this). The pack has six different activities, most of which are Common Core aligned.

Cover Page

Write the Room (so fun!)

Vowel Sort Coloring Page

Click on any of the pics to go to my TPT store. I'd love your feedback!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and stay warm!

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